Tuckahoe Village Recreation Association Pool & Facility Rules

  1. All the facilities of the Association are under the direct supervision of the Pool Manager and Lifeguards. They have been instructed to enforce all pool rules and are authorized to suspend the swimming or use privileges of anyone who violates the rules.
  2. Members will not engage on-duty lifeguards in unnecessary conversation.
  3. Members and their guest are expected to cooperate and abide by the lifeguards decisions.
  4. Members are not permitted to interfere with or reprimand any employee of the Association. Discuss any problems with the Pool Manager.
  5. The pool will open only when lifeguards are on duty and weather is good.
  6. The pool will either close or delay opening during inclement weather at the sole discretion of the Pool Manager.
  7. Members and guests will not trespass on adjoining property.
  8. Possession or the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited during normal operation.
  9. No glass of any kind is permitted inside the pool area.
  10. Chewing gum is prohibited in the pool area.
  11. Running, pushing, dunking, and rough play are prohibited.
  12. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person who is 13 years old or older. (Except swim team practice)
  13. Indecent bathing attire will not be allowed.
  14. Members shall instruct their children and guests in personal hygiene and instruct them to use the restroom facilities.
  15. No disposable diapers are allowed in the main pool.
  16. Members must sign in and pay all guest fees.
  17. Members may not use the pool during periods of bad colds, contagious or infectious diseases, or open wounds to the body. Members or guests must notify the lifeguards on duty if they have any health ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy or fainting spells. This rule does not imply that the Association or lifeguards accept any responsibility for the health or physical condition of the member or guest.
  18. Baby-Sitters must be employed by a member family and will be admitted at no charge.
  19. Children using the baby pool must be supervised by their parent or other responsible person at all times.
  20. No children over six years old are allowed in the baby pool.
  21. The following rules must be observed in the deep end of the pool:


    1. Under no circumstances are non-swimmers allowed in the deep end.
    2. Weak swimmers will be required to pass a test before being allowed in the deep end.
    3. Do not swim in front of the diving boards.
    4. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. The next diver must remain at the bottom step.
    5. No diving to the side of the pool.
    6. No excess springing on the diving boards is allowed.
    7. Swimmers in the deep end must clear the pool whenever a diver appears on either diving board.
  22. No diving equipment allowed except goggles.
  23. Balls, floats, and other water toys are not allowed in the pool (except swim aids attached to the body are permissible only in the shallow end.)
  24. Lounge chairs are reserved for adult members on weekends and holidays.
  25. Everyone must leave the pool in the event of an emergency and at the sound of thunder or sight of lightning.
  26. Jumping or diving is not permitted within 5 feet of any inside corner of the pool. Jumping or diving must be directly away from the side of the pool.
  27. No pets are allowed on the property.